Preparation of accounting policy and individual account plan including a lawful set of pieces of tax advice;
Processing of primary documents in accordance with the requirements of national and international tax legislation;
Preparation and management of tax registers;
Preparation and submission of monthly reference statements according to the VAT law;
Preparation and submission of monthly tax VIES statements;
Preparation and submission of monthly Intrastat statements;
Preparation of periodic and annual finance reports in accordance with the needs and requirements of the client;
Preparation of periodic references for the estimates with customers and suppliers;
Preparation of current references in relation to stocks and stock dynamics;
Preparation of estimates of the cost depending on the client’s specific activity;
Preparation and management of accounting and tax depreciation plan;
Organization of annual inventories of assets and liabilities;
Timely information about alterations of legislation;
Representation during tax inspections and revisions;
Additional accounting service on grounds of the client’s specific requirements